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Earthsong References

This has been the best workshop that we have ever had at Bygrove primary. Pupils and adults enjoyed and had a tour of world culture at the comfort of our school . Workshops were engaging, inspiring, educative and loads of fun for all pupils especially foundation stage pupils - you were able to capture their attention for an hour and they still wanted to keep going!”

Bygrove Primary - London

“Children were the happiest I’ve seen them all year”

Burlington Infants - New Malden

“Earthsong gave us a dynamic, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable day – packed with wonderful learning experiences for our children.”

Monks Orchard School - Croydon

“Today was quite amazing. I can't begin to express how fantastic the drumming experience was for year 5 and then for the rest of the school as they heard their playing. The command that Storme had over the children was spellbinding.”

Tolworth Juniors - Surbiton

“The Children really enjoyed themselves, it really opened their eyes to different cultures and gave them a greater appreciation of music. They got really involved and took the opportunity to play with all the strange and wonderful instruments.”

Ashley Primary School - Walton-on-Thames

“Thank you for a brilliant Day”

Bedfont Infant & Nursery

“Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop you presented to St Cecilia's. I have had nothing but positive feedbackfrom the teachers and it is certainly the best workshop I have ever seen.

Other staff comments were:

  • 'Earthsong were very aware of special needs children'
  • 'engaged all children at all times'
  • 'everyone had the opportunity to play an instrument'
  • 'the childrens' facial expressions and body language showed how focused they were'
  • 'great fun while learning'
  • 'great at all levels from nursery to Year 6'

Once again, many thanks, I will certainly do all I can to have you back asap.”

St Cecilias Primary - Sutton

“I am writing to say thank you for a fabulous music day yesterday. I had thought , from your blurb, that you would be good, but I had no idea just how very good it would be. All the children enjoyed the experience and as Teachers we were able to see a side of some of our pupils that we have never seen before”

Weybourne Infants - Guildford

“We found the attendance figures were the highest yet during the week Earthsong were here, we can’t thank you enough”

Beavers Community School - Hounslow

“Earthsong provided the energy and instruments for a rich, full day of learning and enjoyment… The workshop was informative, visual and oral – and fun! The members of Earthsong have a lovely way with the children ages 3-11, having a good sensitivity to the demands of the different listening and understanding skills of the variously aged children.”

John Ruskin Primary School – London

“Thank you once again for the most fantastic workshop. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Cove Junior School - Farnborough

“Thank you for putting your work and commitment into coming to our school to help everyone produce a display. You showed me that I can sing a bit and, and we are all very grateful for your help. On behalf of the School – I thank you once again.”

From Owen - Y6

“Many thanks for the excellent sessions you kindly took with the children at our school. The final assembly was breathtaking and I think all of the staff and children were very impressed and learnt a great deal. Once again, on behalf of everyone at St Charles, thank you so much.”

St Charles Borromeo School – Weybridge

“Thank you so much for getting the project off to such an exciting 
start this week- staff motivated, children high as kites, and parents 
wanting evening classes in drumming and boomwhacking!! Fantastic - never felt like this on January 6th before!”

St Annes Heath Juniors - Virginia Water

“Earthsong deliver a lively, interactive session, which is very “hands on” for all children. They are particularly sensitive at working with children who are not very confident, and encouraging them to be involved at a level they are confident with.

One of our children was very shy and did not want to join in. Earthsong were great at encouraging him in a really sensitive way, showing great awareness of his needs, and by the end of the session he was happily drumming with the rest of the children.

I would not hesitate to recommend Earthsong to any school.”

Fairholme Infants, Feltham

“I highly recommend ‘Earthsong’. They convey a passion and respect for their music and have ways of getting children greatly involved in some wonderfully creative music making.”

Cavendish Primary – Chiswick

“Comments to me have been in the order of how good you were with the children, how well you kept the pace going, & how much you managed to cover in a short time.”

Trafalgar Infants - Twickenham

“Everyone… enjoyed the workshops. There was no need to ask the children – you could see it in their faces and in their enjoyment of the movements! I was impressed by the sheer energy and enthusiasm of your presentation … and by the wonderful array of instruments.”

Flexands School – Chobham

“Thank you once again for a fantastic week. The joy and love of learning you bring enriches the lives of our children and hopefully opens their minds and hearts to a ‘billion’ possibilities”

“This has been an exciting project which has motivated the children… Earthsong make the learning experience as much fun as possible. The children and staff found it extremely stimulating and fun, we shall not forget this very special week.”

Crane Park School – Feltham

From a teacher to organiser of ‘Music Appreciation Concerts’…

“I wanted to let you know that at Fossdene today we had Angela and Storme back from Earthsong for the day to do a workshop for the little ones in Nursery, Reception and Year 1.  They all had such a fantastic time!  They loved it, they were playing drums, marimbas, lots of other percussion instruments and even got them dancing with Chinese Lion costumes.  They did counting activities, rhythm games, listening, conducting and performing as ensemble groups and making a really great sound!

It was really wonderful!  Their rapport with the children was really wonderful also.

All the teachers were really impressed and it was useful for giving ideas of activities to do with the children in music lessons as they are specialists in World Music.

I am so glad we got to know them last year through the Music Appreciation Concerts which were for KS2 children, but wanted to let you know how excellent they were also with the younger children as I would highly recommend them to other schools.”

Fossdene Primary – Greenwich

“A rather belated note to say thank you so much for all your hard work last week. The children really enjoyed the sessions and there has been really positive feedback from staff, parents and children. The enjoyment on the children's faces in the photos I took are testament to the week's success!”

Thomas School – Battersea


“Earthsong Music has been delivering ‘Developing music with children’ workshops for childcare providers here at Hounslow. We have had approx. 200 people in attendance to the workshops and the demand still continues to grow. The Music workshops delivered by Angela and Storme truly are an inspiration. The sessions are fun and enlightening and have captivated staff. Attendees can’t wait to get back to their nurseries and get the children clapping and singing to such a lovely sound of drums, beats and tunes.

Angela and Storme have been delivering workshops for us for over two years now initially starting with a beginner’s session then moving onto advanced music sessions. We will continue to use their services as the delivery of their training is of the highest standard not to mention the demand for their workshops and a waiting list throughout the year. Some of the responses received by our attendees are below:

“Never has a workshop inspired me as much as this, I’ve had so much fun not to mention being able to learn new beats, and playing music together whilst learning within a group”

“I think it was well organised and no improvement needed”

“Excellent resources, hands on, good fun, informative, new ideas, good to experience instruments I probably would not see at school”

“Seeing the different types of instruments and ideas of how to use everyday things to make music”

“Hands on and practical, mostly courses are just verbal but this enables you to go away with practical ideas”

“Perfect! No improvement needed”

“Fantastic facilitators, very hands on and brilliant. More! More! More!”

These are just some of the positive feedback we have received!!

Thanks very much to Angela and Storme from EarthSong Music.

All the best

Sharnjit Mahal
Training Co-ordinator
Hounslow Early Years and Development Partnership”